Pricing for Ainsley Finn Piano Lessons & Gig Bookings

Piano Lessons

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Here is the pricing of piano lessons. If any of this is not clear, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Term 1 2014: 9 Weeks of lessons between 3rd of February and 4th of April (works out at $30 a lesson) = $270

Term 2 2014: 10 Weeks of lessons between 12th April and 27th of June (works out at $30 a lesson) = $300

Term 3 2014: 10 Weeks of lessons between 14 July and 19 September (works out at $30 a lesson) = $300

Term 4 2014: 11 Weeks of lessons between 6 October to 19th December (works out at $30 a lesson) = $330

Single 30 minute piano lesson: $35

Single 1 hour piano lesson: $55

Gig bookings (Solo Piano, Piano Bar and Larger Groups)

I can be booked as a solo pianist or keyboardist (often used for background jazz, piano bar style music), or part of a group (eg. a piano trio).
Examples of other instruments that can be added:

Vocals (male or female)
Double bass or electric bass
If interested, please feel free to contact me for a quote or different instrument line ups.