Frankie Wants Out - "Gangster Swing Band" that I have been playing with for quite a while. If you like swing music, check this out for something a little different.

Frankie Wants Out on Myspace

Groove Child - Groove, Funk, Disco, Pop band that I play with. Just released a cool album too.

Danielle Ashcroft - Awesome Melbourne Jazz vocalist that I have been playing with since I started learning about jazz. Check out her site!

Jacinta Caruana - Awesome Melbourne vocalist who I have been working with in Groove Child over the last few years. Her sound is inspired by both classic and contemporary artists, such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Etta James and Alicia Keys. Check out her site!

Higher Ground Corporate Band by Rocky Loprevite - Corporate band that I play keys in

Culture Wise - My Mum's site. She is a great cook!